“The research lab dedicated to the players”.

Gamers-VR Lab was born in 2017 from the collaboration between researchers and students who share a passion for videogames and advanced technologies.

Our aim is to study videogames and interactive technologies – virtual reality and augmented reality – with particular attention towards their applications in various fields such as health, art and cultural heritage, marketing, and training.

Research Interests

  • Study of the user experience of new gaming modalities, with particular attention towards virtual and augmented reality
  • Use of commercial video games as tools for health, mainly regarding the assessment and training of emotional and cognitive processes
  • Video games, virtual reality and augmented reality for the promotion of cultural heritage
  • Video games and gamification as tools for corporate training


Federica Pallavicini (PhD) – Research Fellow UNIMIB
Luca Morganti (MS) – Research Fellow UNIMIB
Chiara Carmela Caragnano – UNIMIB Psychology Student