Virtual Video Games

The Project

The project Virtual Video Games, developed in 2017 by Federica Pallavicini, post doc research fellow at  the University of Milano-Bicocca (Department of Education “Riccardo Massa”) aims to investigate immersive video games in terms of players’experience, focusing especially on emotional responses and usability.


  • Pallavicini F, Ferrari A, Garcea G, Zanacchi A, Mantovani F:Effectiveness of virtual reality survival horror games for the emotional elicitation: Preliminary insights using Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. In: Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Virtual, Augmented, and Intelligent Environments- Conference Proceedings of HCI International 2018, Springer, pp. 87-101. 
  • Pallavicini F, Ferrari A, Barone G, Zini A, Garcea G, Zanacchi A, Mantovani F.: What distinguishes a traditional gaming experience from one in virtual reality? An exploratory study. In: Ahram T., Falcão C. (eds) Advances in Human Factors in Wearable Technologies and Game Design. AHFE 2017. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 2018, vol 608. Springer, pp. 225-23. Download PDF

Events and Conferences

  • Milan Games Week 2018
  • Notte dei Ricercatori 2018
  • Human Computer Interaction International 2018 (HCI 2018, Las Vegas)
  • Milan Games Week 2017
  • Notte dei Ricercatori 2017
  • Advances in Human Factors in Wearable Technologies and Game Design (AHFE 2017, Los Angeles)