The Project

Begun in January 2017, the project Virtual Video Games was born within the University of Milano-Bicocca (Department of Education “Riccardo Massa”) from the collaboration between researchers and students who share a passion for videogames and new technologies.
The project’s main goal is to investigate the comparison within gaming experience between conventional media (console, mobile gaming, computer) and new tech media (as virtual and augmented reality) to obtain useful data that can create an impact into user experience and design creation and optimisation processes.


  • Testing on two devices in virtual reality (Samsung Gear & Playstation VR) and six video games (e.g. Smash It, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, Driveclub VR)
  • 200 users has been involved at the state of art
  •  Players’ experience multifactorial investigation: realisation of a methodology to evaluate, through a non intrusive approach, player’s experience in virtual environment with diversificate tools:
  1. Self-report questionnaires;
  2. Psychophysiological data, recorded through wearable sensors (non intrusive) to investigate arousing reactions as skin conduction, hearth beat rate and brain areas activation;
  3. Video recording of human behaviour during virtual reality experience. Data are evaluate with coding and decoding grids among verbal and non verbal users’ behaviours.


  • Pallavicini F, Ferrari A, Garcea G, Zanacchi A, Mantovani F:Effectiveness of virtual reality survival horror games for the emotional elicitation: Preliminary insights using Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. In: Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Virtual, Augmented, and Intelligent Environments- Conference Proceedings of HCI International 2018, Springer, pp. 87-101. 
  • Pallavicini F, Ferrari A, Barone G, Zini A, Garcea G, Zanacchi A, Mantovani F.: What distinguishes a traditional gaming experience from one in virtual reality? An exploratory study. In: Ahram T., Falcão C. (eds) Advances in Human Factors in Wearable Technologies and Game Design. AHFE 2017. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 2018, vol 608. Springer, pp. 225-23. Download PDF

Events and Conferences

  • Milan Games Week 2018
  • Notte dei Ricercatori 2018
  • Human Computer Interaction International 2018 (HCI 2018, Las Vegas)
  • Milan Games Week 2017
  • Notte dei Ricercatori 2017
  • Advances in Human Factors in Wearable Technologies and Game Design (AHFE 2017, Los Angeles)